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I was going to post something about all this last night, but I was too dang tired, but yesterday was just a rotten day. After my near death experience in the morning (OK, that's exaggerating just a tad), my evening just made the day that much better. As I tried to start my car last night to start my drive home, my car wouldn't start. I tried getting it jumped, but that didn't help. I grabbed my electrical tester, and the battery had plenty of juice, so that wasn't the problem. There was just no power to the car from it -- no cab lights, head lights, etc... . I inspected all the connectors that I could see, and they all looked fine, but it was 15 degrees outside (well below freezing), and I didn't want to stand there in the cold removing and reconnecting cables. So I called AAA, and they said they could make it there in about an hour and 15 minutes. So I just hung out at the office until close to the time they were supposed to get out there. A maintenance guy from the other company I work at saw my car and stopped by. He's not a car guy either, but in all his infinite wisdom, he tries just smacking my battery with his wrench.

And my car lit up. Figures the primitive method would get the thing fired up. It took me about an hour to drive home after that, but he at least followed me to Bend because he did live in town.

So then I'm putting a round in our woodstove -- our primary source of heat -- for the night. As I was shutting the door, the round rolled back and got in the way as I was shutting the door. Now I have a nice crack or five in the woodstove glass -- which I'm sure will cost a pretty penny to replace. Great.

Anybody know anybody locally who can replace woodstove glass for a reasonable price? Many glass shops I've dealt with in the past don't the ceramic glass that's used in woodstoves (and I probably need the gasket replaced, too.

Posted by Jake on 01/05/07 @ 08:38 AM
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