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Is anybody else going to fall asleep before Midnight tonight?

I probably will. I'm not a huge fan of the fanfare around this holiday for a variety of reasons (some personal ones that I'm not going to go into here), but mostly I haven't slept well for a couple of weeks. I'll probably just play with my new DS Lite a bit (haven't had a chance to play with it much) and then crash well before midnight. I have to work tomorrow, so that's a partial motivator. So we're just having a couple friends over to play some board games, and then I'm probably going to crash.

Anybody else going to fall asleep before midnight?

Regardless, I hope everybody has a happy and safe holiday, and please, please, please call a cab if you've had more than a couple drinks. I don't care how coherent you think you are and how fine you think you'll be, you won't end up hurting yourself, you'll hurt somebody else (read between the lines there and you'll know why I'm not a huge fan of the holiday).

Here are the local numbers for the local taxi companies. Print them up and bring them with you wherever you party tonight (all area code 541 if you're from out of town reading this):

  • Bend Cab Co: 389-8090
  • City Cab: 385-3304
  • Owl Taxi: 382-3311
  • Redmond Taxi: 548-1182
  • Yellow Cab Co.: 330-1600
And remember, it's better safe than sorry.

Posted by Jake on 12/31/06 @ 05:22 PM
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