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Merry Return All Your Presents Day

OK, I said I'd post something on Christmas day, but I lied. Sue me.

Anyway, the weekend's events were fun, if not a bit crazy. Per our usual family tradition, we spent Christmas Eve with my in-laws, and Christmas Day with my family. We hosted the in-laws at our house, along with the neices and nephews. It was utter chaos with a bunch of kids screaming and yelling about what each kid got, etc... . It was tiring madness, but a whole lot of fun.

We then spent Christmas Day with my family, opening yet more presents, eating more food, getting more exhausted (and my poor wife had a cold, so it was even harder on her). But all in all, it was a bunch of fun. The kids got spoiled rotten with tons of toys for each of them, to the point where we probably need to add an extra room to the house to accomodate it all (OK,that was a slight exhargeration).

The wife and I got a bunch of fun stuff. The wife got a nice set of kitchen knives, a bunch of clothes, some sheet music, some books, and a few other things that escape me off the top of my head. I got a bunch of stuff as well, including clothes, a new coat, some gift certificates, some DVDs, a shower radio/CD player (so I won't ever leave the shower in the morning). My wife and I also got a Nintendo DS Lite, which we were both stupidly excited about, along with Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart, and Nintendogs for it. Now understand, neither of us have had our own game system since the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back when we were both in grade school, but I can see this getting played with a bunch. But man, this thing is far fancier than anything I've played with (and if anybody has a good place for hacks/tips/whatever on these things, I'm all ears). I can see myself playing a ton of SMB, as I love those classic kinds of games, but I have a feeling I'd be doing a lot better if I had this or this PDF guide (if anybody has a copy I can .. uh ... borrow, you know how to get ahold of me).

I hope everbody had a great holiday, and I want to hear about all the toys everybody else got.

Posted by Jake on 12/26/06 @ 02:12 PM
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