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You Thought Your Week Sucked?

You got nothing on the Bend DEQ office, which has burned, froze, and flooded.

First came a smoky electrical fire in the attic last Friday, spotted when one of the 40 or so workers in the leased building heard popping sounds and saw sparks from a fluorescent overhead light fixture. No one was hurt, but damage was estimated at $95,000.
"Over the weekend, the temperature got down to about 12 degrees," McKnight said. "We froze a water line in one part of the building that had no power." When the half-inch line thawed out Sunday, sure enough, it burst and ran for about 90 minutes to two hours, flooding one end of the office with an inch or so of water.
The problems also knocked out the main phone number for the DEQ in Bend (388-6146), meaning lots of use of cell phones, but even one of those went on the fritz for a time Tuesday.
Man, talk about having a crappy few days.

Posted by Jake on 12/07/06 @ 10:21 PM
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