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No Homemade Meals For The Homeless

At least in Fairfax County, Va were you'll now need a commercial license to give food to the needy.

FAIRFAX, Va. -- From now on, feeding the homeless in Fairfax County will require more than just a big heart. You'll also need a commercial-grade refrigerator, a three-compartment sink and county certification.

Officials said this week that a new campaign to enforce the county food code at shelters is aimed at preventing food poisoning among the homeless. But operators of shelters said forcing them to reject donations of sandwiches or casseroles prepared at home or in church kitchens is not in the best interest of their clients because it will make it harder to provide them with healthy, hot meals.

"We're very aware that a number of homeless people eat out of Dumpsters, and Mom's pot roast has got to be healthier than that," said Jim Brigl, chief executive of Fairfax Area Christian Emergency & Transitional Services. "But that doesn't meet the code."

This reminds me of the rule at most school districts that you're not allowed to bring homemade treats to class parties. That one really annoys the heck out of me, as my wife gets magazines with great fun treats for my daughter's class parties (Halloween, etc...), but they'd have to be made in a commercial kitchen or bought from a store or they won't let it in the door. This is even after my wife had to have a criminal background check so she could volunteer at the school. I can understand you wanting to be careful, but there are just some people you have to worry about less than others.

Posted by Jake on 12/04/06 @ 08:26 PM
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