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I Hate This Time Of Year

If you didn't know already, this area is getting pummeled with nasty weather, and while I don't mind the Winter that much (if I did, I would've moved a long time ago), I do have the first major Winter storm as nobody (including me) is ready for it. The tarp covering our firewood wasn't secured well enough, so it ended up in the neighbor's yard (and I know my neighbors read this, so if you guys notice foot prints in your yard along the fence, those were mine from tonight). The roads are a total mess, and people are driving like idiots.

I commute to Sunriver to work Sunday-Thursday and it's this time of year I really wish I worked in Bend. Not only does Sunriver typically get nastier weather than Bend, but the stretch of highway between the two cities is arguably one of the most dangerous in the State. Every year I witness at least one accident, usually more. People, commonly tourists or folks new to the area, think they can drive that stretch of highway at normal speed, despite the fact that the road is coated with ice and snow. Those are the people I'm genuinely scared of: the out-of-towners driving their SUVs that fly around with their four-wheel-drive summer tires on, thinking they're invincible because they have four-wheel drive. Nevermind that having four-wheel-drive really doesn't help you in this weather -- it just makes it so you lose control and slip with all four wheels instead of two. I don't have a problem driving in the nasty weather, taking my sweet time, if it wasn't for nut-jobs like those people.

Unfortunately I don't work at home like I used to (or like Dave, who lives out in that area, does currently), but boy I sure wish I did. Wish me luck tomorrow ...

Posted by Jake on 11/12/06 @ 11:10 PM
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