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"Where The Heck Have You Been, Mister?"

Yeah, I know, that not posting in four days is quite a while on this site. I finally recovered from the sheer exhaustion of being sick my getting totally behind at work and at home. To complicate things more, my last wedding was on Friday (after going to four others already). It was a nice wedding, and local (thankfully). Lots of great food and fun. But after being sick earlier this week, it was exhausting.

But the weekend was nice weather, and my paint on my house is peeling, so it was time to continue my home improvement and start painting the house. My parents had agreed last Christmas to help me paint our house, but due to circumstances beyond all of our control, along with their trip to Thailand for their anniversary, they were unable to help. I needed to do something as so much of the siding on my house is bare from the paint literally falling off the walls (it basically exploded off the walls when I pressure washed). I didn't want to go into Winter without something on my walls, so I went to Denfeld's to get a bunch of paint and primer, and starting frantically layering on primer and scraping off old paint from my house with the help of my father-in-law. The weather on Saturday was nice, so we wanted to get as much as we could done before it froze that night or got stormy again, so we rolled and brushed as much as we could until we were both exhausted. By 4PM, we had primed 97% of our house coated with really thick primer, ready for paint -- whenever it's nice enough to get to that on there. But at least our house won't fall apart and get beat up because of snow, rain, and ice. It'd be nice to get the actual paint down over the primer, but I'll at least sleep a little better now that all that bare wood is at least covered with something. And since its going to be pretty cold this week, I doubt I'll be getting any painting done until possibly this next weekend where it'll hopefully get into the low 60s.

So that's what I've been doing.

And this week promises to be just as busy. With my wedding anniversary tomorrow and Halloween on Tuesday, dress rehearsal for our upcoming band concerts, and then the actual concerts on Sunday and Monday (which reminds me, I need a new shirt and snare drum sticks), it's going to be a bit crazy. But I do have lots of fun links and stories to share, and will sort them through a bit tonight and see what I can come up with tomorrow.

Posted by Jake on 10/29/06 @ 05:29 PM
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