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What Is So Wrong With Using The Telephone?

Kids these days -- they'd rather IM or text message than pick up the phone, and today's User Friendly reminds me of a conversation I had with someone of the younger generation the other day (I'm only 28, so I'm hardly an old fogey, but I felt like the grumpy old codger around this guy).

Now I use IM and I use text messaging, but I use text messaging for incoming message (when servers go down) and that's about it. I do use IM when I'm at work as it's quicker and easier than a phone call many times (and I can't always get a phone call in), but what frustrates me are the people who would rather sit in front of a computer chatting via IM instead of just picking up the phone (especially when it's a local call). At least get skype or something if you insist on sitting in front of the computer.

Posted by Jake on 10/05/06 @ 09:27 AM
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