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Calvin and Hobbes History

Calvin And Hobbes is probably my favorite comic strip of all time, and I know I share that feeling with many around the world. Bill Watterson, the strip's author, did a lot for the industry and for the medium, and I was intrigued to see this collection of rare Watterson photos, illustrations and history..

If you're not familiar with the strip at all, read the above Wikipedia entry, and be sure to check out these 25 great Calvin and Hobbes strips, as you can really see what made the strip so good.

While we'll probably never see a strip like it again, I still do like to read what's out there. If anybody's curious what strips I still read regularly, here's my personalized Houston Chronicle Comics Page (build your own here). I always try to read the strips there (which I really haven't customized the list in a while), along with Red Meat, Opus, Frazz and User Friendly.

What comics do you like?

Posted by Jake on 09/28/06 @ 02:39 PM
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Dave Goodman said on 09/28/06 @ 04:06 PM:
Calvin and Hobbes rocks. I miss it.

Another one I miss dearly is The Far Side. I think I've laughed harder at Far Side comics than any other.

I like Get Fuzzy.

Jake said on 09/28/06 @ 04:09 PM:
Far Sides are a classic. They really took the single panel comic to a whole new level that we haven't seen since.

And Get Fuzzy is a riot, which is why you see it on my comics page.

Paul Lammertsma said on 09/29/06 @ 10:37 AM:
Ah, yes, Calvin and Hobbes! I grew up reading it, and have every book (except one, but I do have all the comics)! Watterson is a genius and I've always adored the full page color works of art.

I was never really bothered by the fact that there weren't any Calvin and Hobbes T-shirts or toys; I just loved reading the comics. In retrospect, I understand Watterson's motives and think it was a wise choice. I have nothing but admiration for that man.

Funny that you brought up The Far Side, Dave. Since recently I have the collector's edition, since I love The Far Side, too.

On a side note, I've heard the collector's edition of Calvin and Hobbes is kind of shabby; the pages are thin and fall out pretty quickly. The cover feels cardboardish and I decided against buying it.

Scott said on 09/29/06 @ 01:54 PM:
I don't get Opus in my local paper, but when I was growing up and a teenager, "Bloom County" was by far my favorite strip. I had all the books.

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