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Bend Local Telephone Prefixes

I remember back in the day when it was a long distance call to call LaPine or Redmond from Bend. You could call Sunriver, but you couldn't call LaPine. When I lived in Bend growing up, I knew if the phone number didn't start with 38-something (382, 385, 388, 389, and then 383 came along later) or 593, it was a long-distance call. Now that they've smoothed things out and deregulated things a bit, Sunriver, Redmond, LaPine, Madras, Prineville, Sisters, Culver, Gilchrist, and Camp Sherman and areas who use phone prefixes from those areas are all local phone calls from Bend. While this is a nice thing, with the area's explosive growth and the advent of cell phones has made it stupidly confusing to keep track of local prefixes. The local phone books used to have a page for local calling with all the prefixes, but I couldn't find it in the latest yellow page. And I couldn't find a master list online publicly anywhere, but had a list that a local company gave me access to behind a password protected interface (I work for a client of theirs). So here you go, this is (as far as I know) all the phone prefixes (area code 541) that you can call from Bend without incurring long-distance fees. I'll update these if anybody has any additions, but I'm mostly documenting this here for my own reference so I don't have to log into a password-protected interface to get it.

And if there is an easy way to find this information online that I totally missed, be sure to let me know. But basically I'm creating this as a public service so that folks new to the area know what's long distance and what's not.

Prefixes that are Local Phone Calls From Bend and The Cities They're In (all are area code 541, updated 10/27/09):

233 (Prineville)
241 (Bend)
279 (Madras)
280 (Bend)
306 (Bend)
309 (Bend)
312 (Bend)
316 (Redmond)
317 (Bend)
318 (Bend)
322 (Bend)
323 (Bend)
325 (Madras)
330 (Bend)
350 (Bend)
355 (Bend)
362 (Prineville)
382 (Bend)
383 (Bend)
385 (Bend)
388 (Bend)
389 (Bend)
390 (Bend)
408 (Bend)
410 (Bend)
416 (Prineville)
419 (Bend)
420 (Bend)
433 (Gilchrist)
447 (Prineville)
460 (Madras)
475 (Madras)
480 (Bend)
504 (Redmond)
508 (Bend)
516 (Redmond)
526 (Redmond)
536 (Lapine)
546 (Culver)
548 (Redmond)
549 (Sisters)
550 (Bend)
553 (Madras)
585 (Bend)
588 (Sisters)
593 (Bend)
595 (Black Butte)
598 (Bend)
604 (Redmond)
610 (Bend)
617 (Bend)
629 (Bend)
633 (Bend)
639 (Bend)
647 (Bend)
678 (Bend)
693 (Bend)
706 (Bend)
719 (Sisters)
728 (Bend)
749 (Bend)
771 (Bend)
777 (Madras)
788 (Bend)
803 (Culver)
815 (Bend)
848 (Bend)
876 (Lapine)
923 (Redmond)
931 (Gilchrist)
948 (Bend)
977 (Bend)

Posted by Jake on 09/28/06 @ 05:01 PM
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