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According to a recent study, less than 20% of local jobs could provide for a family of three. For those of us that are sole-providors who are feeding a wife and two kids, I'm sure that percentage is lower (as the study says that only 19% of jobs provide a living wage for a family of four -- if both parents work). To quote the article:

A Deschutes County family of three -- one working adult with two children -- must earn $23.14 an hour to meet basic needs, says the new report. A single worker requires at least $11.30 an hour to make a living in Deschutes County.
That's a hair over $48,000/year. I can tell you one thing without getting into how much I make: I'm not making that much money, I'm just really frugal. I am feeding my wife and two kids, paying my bills, student/home/car loans, with quite a bit less than that, but I'm surviving -- barely.

More commentary will undoubtedly appear at some point on the Bend Economy Blog (one of the best local blogs for this type of thing), but feel free to comment here.

Posted by Jake on 09/20/06 @ 10:17 AM
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