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What Did $4000 Buy You From Dell in 1996?

I was taking some pictures at a house today, and happened to glance on the bookshelf to notice some old magazines. Like 10 year old magazines. One of them was a 10-year old copy of PC Magazine (with a cover story about online services like Prodigy and Compuserve -- those were the days), and happened to turn over the magazine to look at this back cover ad (sorry about the crappy quality -- my flatbed scanner as work was on the fritz, so I had to take a picture of it).

Back in the day that $4000+ laptop was top of the line. With its 90mhz Pentium, 10.4" screen, and 810 megabyte hard drive, you were cruising in style. For nearly $5000, you could get a Pentium 120.

But if you were a businessman, you might be more interested in this offering:

So for $15,000, you could get two servers with Pentium 133mhz processors, 32 megs of ram, 4GB hard drives, plus they'll throw in a 12-port 10-Base-T switch. Damn, that's sweet!

It's amazing how much hardware you can by for that price nowadays. Sadly, though, this is about the time I graduated high school, and I paid nearly $3,000 for a Pentium 133 system when I graduated -- it was a speed demon compared to the family's 486SX25.

Posted by Jake on 09/18/06 @ 10:52 PM
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