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One Amazing Victory

Oregon 34, Oklahoma 33. Holy crap, what a game it was.

Yes, the officiating gave the Ducks some chances, but it was the Ducks who actually took advantage of them, and the Sooners who folded when they should've been working their butts off. To quote this Oregonlive blogger:

Anyone who whines about the officiating from Oklahoma needs to go back and see all the calls Oregon got jobbed on as well. The officiating was horrendous, you're right. On both sides. At one point, I just kind of hoped they'd all leave the field and we could just review each play after the whistle was blown. Then, we'd save the time of having the officials on the field call it. Apparently, they weren't watching anyway.

The officials didn't leave Paysinger open by 10 yards on a 20 yard pattern, Oklahoma's awful defense did. The officials didn't let Dixon run free all the way to the end zone. The officials didn't allow a blocked kick on the last play of the game. The officials didn't play 'safe' and allow the Ducks two drives in less than 2 minutes. The officials didn't fail to score a TD with first downs on the 2, 3, and 7 and settle for field goals. Peterson's so dominant and they can't punch it in? That's great D by Oregon. Has nothing to do with the referees.

Exactly. Oregon played their butts off.

My dad and my boss went to the game (I could've gone, but after the last couple weekends, I was tired of driving over the pass. Like that blogger, they were chatting with some OU fans at a Eugene bar who were just really nice folks. My boss ended up trading with an OU fan his Oregon sweatshirt for a OU letterman's jacket. My dad traded hats with an OU fan.

So as they're driving back over the pass, they stopped to grab some food at the Finn Rock Grill, and ran into Dan Fouts, who called the game for ABC Sports. Dan was probably driving home, too, as he has a home in Sisters (at least he used to, though I can't find it in DIAL -- all I'm finding is this home). So there's Dan Fouts, my dad in his Oregon shirt and OU hat, my boss and his OU letterman's jacket and Oregon hat. Fouts kind of gave thema funny look, and my dad explained to him the story behind it, and apparently Fouts got a kick out of it.

Just the same, the Ducks are certainly going to need this week off to recover from this.

Posted by Jake on 09/17/06 @ 12:09 PM
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