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Three Down, Two To Go

If you're wondering where I've been hiding, I've been in Portland at yet another wedding (this after doing more damage to my bathroom). This was my third wedding of the summer, with another one coming this weekend in Colorado (my brother's), and then one more in October (a local one, thankfully). This was an interesting wedding with the groom being a Catholic and the bride a Hindu. So the ceremony actually had a bit of both worlds, primarily the Hindu world, and the ceremony was nearly two hours long. I was so exhausted after all of it (and after the four hour drive to get there) that we didn't even both staying for what would've been a great reception (sorry, Nick -- we had to drive home). It was a nice location at the Portland Art Museum, and the programs' paper and scroll-like design probably cost a pretty penny as well.

But let me tell ya -- after this Summer, I don't care who gets married: I'm past my quota of wedding attendance for the decade, so you won't see me there.

Posted by Jake on 09/03/06 @ 10:56 PM
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