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Psycho Racoons Killing Cats in Washington

You may have seen the Associated Press version of this story, but the local story from the Olympian is far more colorful.

Raccoons have killed about 10 cats in a three-block area near the Garfield Nature Trail at Harrison Avenue West and Foote Street Southwest.
The problem got so bad that residents Kari Hall and Tamara Keeton even started a Raccoon Watch after having an emotional neighborhood meeting attended by about 40 people.
It's not just cats being attacked. Five raccoons actually ganged up on and carried off a little dog, who survived.
"There's one really big bad dude," (Keeton) added.

"He was the biggest raccoon I've ever seen. He was a monster," added Tony Benjamins, whose family has had two cats killed.
"We used to love the raccoons. They'd have their babies this time of year, and they were so cute. Even though we lived in the city, it was neat to have wildlife around."

But this year, things changed.

"They went nuts," he said of raccoons. "We got a dog" - a German shepherd-Rottweiler mix - to scare them away.

This sounds like a made-for-TV movie right there.

I grew up around racoons, and we all knew better than to mess with them. Anybody who thinks they're cute needs a smack in the head.

Posted by Jake on 08/23/06 @ 09:44 AM
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