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Clean Up at Bend Blogs

The hourly updates over on Bend Blogs should go quite a bit faster now. I just finished putting 40 blogs into the "deprecated" status, meaning they won't get listed in the feeds list and they won't be checked for updates. Their archived data still exists on the site (yes, Bend Blogs does archive your data whenever it can -- see Utterly Boring's archive), so permalinks will still work. The blogs I deprecated were in one of the following categories

  • They haven't been updated in more than 12 months.
  • The blog no longer exists.
  • The blogger has long since left Central Oregon (yes, Dane, you've been deprecated -- get back to Bend and I'll consider putting you back on there).
  • Or the blog was made private or "friends only" in LiveJournal or MySpace.
I'll periodically check the blogs that I've deprecated to see if they reappear, and if they do, I'll begin reindexing them again.

The one last thing I did was remove " - MySpace Blog" from the 55 MySpace blogs' titles, as it just seemed silly to have that as part of the title of the blog.

But we're now at 210 blogs that have been updated in the last 12 months, and if anybody knows of any others that should be there, I'd love to hear it!

Posted by Jake on 08/22/06 @ 03:54 PM
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