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Another "Bend Is Going In The Toilet" Story in The News

This would probably be something more appropriate for Bubble Boy, but I didn't have his email address (comment here with your email address -- nobody will see it but you and me). But OPB has a series on their site about affordable housing, ton of jobs and lack of employes, and the promise of Juniper Ridge. Interesting series, but not really news to locals. Affordable housing is going by the wayside (the city council certainly isn't helping things), especially now that many of the area's mobile home parks are closing down. The job postings in Central Oregon are generally full of two kinds of jobs: entry-level monkey jobs that pay minimum wage, or upper level jobs that don't pay nearly what they're worth. And I personally don't know enough about Juniper Ridge to make an educated opinion about it.

I'm actually not going to allow comments on this entry, instead requesting that you post in the thread over at Bend Forums about this, just so I can get some discussion going over there (and I think it'll be far easier for people to get their point across, as the forum software there is far faster than my comment system here).

Thanks Kina for the tip.

Posted by Jake on 08/20/06 @ 04:36 PM
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