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This is very interesting, never thought I'd see it coming, and comments are welcome. Apparently that was a story that went across the KTVZ 5 o'clock newscast (I was at work), but local station KTVZ's parent company is going buy KFXO (only just a few months after they started their own 10 PM newscast). Anybody catch it or have more info? I'm running out the door here, but I'll update this as I hear more later.

Update at 9:40: Just so you know I'm not just winging this, I heard from somebody who actually works at KTVZ that this was broadcast on the 5:00PM news. I missed the 6:00PM news, and it's still too early for the 11:00PM news, so I haven't personally verified this (would love to hear somebody who did watch it). I can't find any corporate press releases anywhere about it.

That being said, assuming this is true, it's a good move. They can combine their news staffs, as I prefer Peter Murphy and Kathy Cullis on KFXO's broadcast (even if the broadcast itself isn't all that polished compared to KTVZ's). It's also a good move from a sales standpoint, as they'll be able to sell both stations' ad space.

It's also probably a pre-emptive move, as the other station that's coming to town (someday) just hired a news director and will obviously have a news cast, will be seeking local advertising dollars, etc... . They know that the group funding the incoming station has money, so they expect competition. If they can eliminate some of it now, all the better.

Again, if anybody has official word, links, video of the story (wish I had a Tivo), whatever, let me know.

Update on 8/17: Official press-release from KTVZ.

Posted by Jake on 08/15/06 @ 05:39 PM
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