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I Love FixYourOwnPrinter.com

If you've never been over to FixYourOwnPrinter.com, you've missed out. On more than one occasion, I've had an issue with one of the laser printers here at the office that was beyond a simple clean up or paper jam fix. But a quick trip to their forums has almost always netted me a solution, and their repair kits (which I've bought this and this before) were tremendously helpful.

So why bother doing all this myself? Because I work in Sunriver where the nearest printer repair places are in Bend and on-site service to Sunriver usually costs a minimum of $75 plus labor for repair. The couple times I've had printer guys come out to Sunriver, they've usually been stumped and had to go order parts. So why not just order the parts from them ahead of time and do it myself for a ton cheaper? Yeah, their parts are a bit expensive and the instructional videos are a bit cheesy, but they work. I just spent a couple hours and $30 (for parts) dismantling a Xerox Phaser 860DP to replace the internal heat lamps for the thing that I would've probably have cost me $200+ to have somebody come and do it (plus parts) . It was a stupidly complicated printer to take apart, but it got done (probably would've got done quicker had I not tried to take apart the wrong clutch, but that was my fault), and the stuff from FixYourOwnPrinter.com only took two days to get here.

Posted by Jake on 07/19/06 @ 05:06 PM
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