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Another Thought On That Video

If you haven't seen the video that was referred to on the news tonight, you can see it here. Go ahead. I'll wait. Anyway...

Disclaimer: I work for companies who are participating members of the BVCB and COVA (Central Oregon Visitor's Association). I've seen damn near every bit of marketing that has come out of this area, and have participated in the decision making that's shaped some of that marketing. I wasn't a part of the discussion that approved this video (if there was an approval process, I have no idea), so I can't vouch for any of that.

There seems to be a lot of folks saying tax dollars shouldn't be used for this sort of thing. Now, it's my understanding (and somebody correct me if I'm wrong) that both COVA and BVCB get tax dollars not in the form of it getting pulled from locals, but from room tax revenue, and it's required to be earmarked for tourism marketing for the area. It's my understanding that nobody at the BVCB or COVA has to preapprove anything with the city, other than maybe their annual budget or planned use for the money they're earmarked.

The BVCB, like COVA, also receives money from its member companies, and my guess is that the $35,000 that was spent on this video could've easily been covered by membership fees from all the companies that are part of BVCB (which run about $400+/year, if I remember correctly) and might not have ever touched those funds earmarked by the city or county. Nevermind...see below...

Am I wrong here? Somebody please speak up if I am. I've already stated my feelings about the video, so we don't need to go into that again (but my boss hadn't seen it, and as a board member for a couple of these local organizations, he was a bit shocked that somebody actually approved it). But feel free to comment below.

Update on 6/21 at 11:50: Had a brain fart here. The BVCB is not membership based, like I originally thought. I was getting them confused with the Bend Chamber who, if I remember correctly, used to share a building with them up on the north end of town.

My apologies, but the fact remains that it was room tax that was used to fund this, not local property taxes.

Posted by Jake on 06/20/06 @ 10:43 PM
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