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Best Local Marketing Ever

The Bend Visitor and Convention Bureau apparently spent $35,000 on this hilarious, if not totally politically incorrect sing-a-long. You'll notice the domain is Where-The-Hell-Are-We.com -- they also have a companion site (that comes up after the sing-a-long at here-the-hell-we-are.com.

As someone who has lived here for nearly 30 years, I was laughing pretty hard at this thing. Bravo to DVA Advertising for its creation and at least trying something new when it comes to marketing Central Oregon. It may be totally ineffective, it's bound to piss some folks off, and I'm sure some people won't find it funny at all, but I sure did.

Edit: Fixed broken link tags that hosed the first paragraph of this entry.

Edit on 6/20: Since it appears that the BVCB took down the video, here's a copy of what played at where-the-hell-are-we.com and here's a copy of the Flash map/video from here-the-hell-we-are.com. According to Jon (who hated it), there's a Bulletin article about the video here.

Edit again on 6/20: Thanks Mrs. H for the tip: Here's a Bulletin story on the video being pulled

Update on 6/20 at 5:15: It looks like the publicity may have killed them.

Update on 6/21: Read here for more discussion and my thoughts on the tax issues.

Posted by Jake on 06/19/06 @ 05:06 PM
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