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Apparently, despite only having a two minute conversation and making clear that my opinion wasn't very well informed, I was quoted in today's Bulletin in a Net Neutrality story (which, since it's the Bulletin, you have to pay to view and BugMeNot won't be able to help you). Peter Sach, the reporter who wrote the story, is a nice guy, and I know he was on deadline, I was just hoping that he'd be able to find somebody with a more well-informed opinion (it's just not something I've really had a chance to read up on). Since I can't copy/paste the story (which somebody was kind enough to e-mail me) without getting sued, here's my quote:

Jake Ortman, a Bend resident who runs the blog UtterlyBoring.com, sees both sides of the issue. Noting that consumers must pay more for faster Internet service, he doesn't think requiring the same of companies is so unreasonable.

"Somebody's got to pay for it," he said.

<sarcasm>Bure brilliance, 'eh?</sarcasm> You'll just have to find a copy of the paper to read that in context.

Posted by Jake on 06/06/06 @ 10:53 PM
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