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Some Critter Messed Up My Car After Crapping In It

You ever have one of those days where it starts off so weird that you know it's going to be an odd day? This is going to be one of those days ...

So I got into my car this morning to begin my commute out to Sunriver, and my car's running really bad, like a spark plug/cable was shot and it wasn't firing on all cylinders. So I pop the hood, and notice several things a bit odd (though the spark plug wires appeared to be plugged in OK). One, the insulation covering the underside of my hood has a big chunk (1 foot by 2 foot) taken out of it, and there are pieces of the stuff all over my engine and under my car. Two, there's a little wire loom where several of the wires are now exposed where they weren't before. And three, there is some sort of critter feces sitting atop the wheel well.

I couldn't identify the excrement (it sort of looked like cat, but "Feces Indentifier" is not something you will find on my resume). I didn't have a lot of time to look at it as I just needed to take my wife's car and get to work. But it appears some little critter somehow got up underneath my car, up into the engine cavity, and did some damage. My guess is that whatever got in there got scared to death that it couldn't easily get out (I have a compact old Subaru), started freaking out, pooped, cut up some stuff, and then finally wiggled out (there was more droppings under the car). More than likely, my spark plug wires are probably sliced up a bit, but I didn't have time to look at them this morning.

Makes me wish I had that ultra high-end surveillance system in place (if the crook is reading this, there still isn't anything worth taking out of those cars).

We'll just have to see how the rest of the day goes. On the bright side, my wife has the nicer car, and it's far more comfortable to drive.

Update at 10:03: Had a closer look under my hood. I'm no car whiz, but my guess is you shouldn't discover more poop when looking under there (it was there before, I just didn't see it). I tried pulling the spark plug wires, and broke them getting them out (the conducters came out of the things). Obviously, nobody's open right now so I can buy wires, so I'll have to go tomorrow and get some replacements, along with new plugs, and then try to fix the wiring that the critter slashed up (a wiring loom was on the ground under the car, and the wires are pretty hosed so it'll probably have to be professionally repaired). So we'll see how it goes tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'll be bumming a ride off my dad this week.

Posted by Jake on 06/04/06 @ 11:25 AM
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