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Just Because We Know The Rules of The Road...

...doesn't mean we follow them.

Whether your own asphalt experiences lend it credence or not, Oregon drivers remain the most knowledgeable about the rules of the road, according to the second annual GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test, released as the big summer travel season begins.

Oregon held the top spot for the second straight year in the survey, with an average score of 91 percent on the 20-question test of licensed drivers, similar to the typical DMV written drivers test, the company reported Friday. It takes a 70 percent score or higher to pass the test; Washington came in at No. 2, while Rhode Island ranked lowest this year, but still passed, with an average score of 75 percent.

Take those results with a grain of salt, however. Last year, California drivers were ranked 43, and this year they were 14, according to the rankings, and we all know how those guys drive <ducking to avoid objects thrown at me>. I got 100% on the test, how'd you score (so I know who to avoid on the road)?

Thanks Barney for the tip.

Posted by Jake on 05/28/06 @ 04:05 PM
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