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I've Heard Of Pot Brownies...

...but I hadn't heard of Meth Bread.

A search of the 1998 Honda Civic yielded a large quantity of meth hidden in a loaf of bread that was in the back seat, Porter said. Ramirez-Avila was taken into custody without incident, and his car was seized, along with $130 in cash, he said.

The 1.25 pounds of meth seized during the investigation had a street level resale value of more than $57,000, Porter said. It would have been enough to provide a single dose of the drug to more than 2,300 meth users in Central Oregon, he said.

Glad to hear it's off the streets.

On a related note, I still wish I could buy Sudafed without working my ass off to do it, as it works (at least for my wife and I) far better during allergy season than the Sudafed PE-variants too. But thanks to the Meth-addicts, I'm going to have to order the crap online as by the time I get to a store to buy some (as only a few pharmacies locally still sell it), the pharmacy's closed. So thanks to the habits of a bunch of local druggies (who are getting their Sudafed and drugs from other states/countries anyway), those of us who use the drug legitimately get screwed.

And remember: If you're going to gripe about not being able to buy your decongestant, don't joke about having a meth-habit and you're just trying to get your fix. Rent-a-cops don't like that.

Posted by Jake on 05/14/06 @ 11:11 AM
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