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Yet Another Link Shortening Service

Why is this one different? Because I'm hosting it. Why? Because I use shorter URLs in e-mails quite a bit and didn't want to always have to rely on tinyurl.com or the multitude of other services out there (not that there's anything wrong with any of them, I just don't want to always have to rely on them). I just decided to make my own using a short domain I already use.

So I present sh.orty. Get it, "Shorty"? Kind of like the other types of services that use periods in their name (the most popular, as far as I know, being del.icio.us

I took the script from here, the CSS hacks from here, and color scheme from just a random color I picked here.

The script is simple, slick, and fast, uses MySQL for the data, and also will reuse URLs if a URL you've submitted has already been submitted before. But my goal was to make it simple and fast, and I think it's doing that just fine.

I was just going to use this for my own purposes, but I figured I'd make it public. If there is any abuse of the thing, I will take it down and ban the IP of the person who abused it -- simple as that.

But go ahead, try it out, and let me know if you encounter anything weird.

Posted by Jake on 05/07/06 @ 01:32 PM
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