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Does Anybody Need A Crapload of Girl Scout Cookies?

First off, I know that you're not allowed to sell Girl Scout Cookies over the Internet, but that's only if you're actually selling on behalf of the Girl Scouts and you're associated with them, and I'm neither -- I'll be putting you in touch with the man who is (who will remain nameless, as I don't want to get the dude in trouble).

But here's the deal: A buddy of mine here in Bend is getting screwed by the Girl Scouts. The troop he and his wife are involved in took on a bunch of extra cookies for booth sales (an estimated number). Last year they let you return unwanted and extras, but apparently this year (which was a surprise to them and bunch of phone calls hasn't helped), they wouldn't take them back. So they're stuck with over $1000 of Girl Scout cookies.

As it stands right now, he has the following (and each case of cookies is 12 boxes) Update: Total that's left has been updated as of 5/1:

  • Thin Mints (my wife's favorite and I've got a box on order): 14 About 4 Cases
  • Samoas (my personal favorite and I've got a box on order): 7 <1 Case
  • Tagalongs: 4 2 Cases
  • Allabouts: 1 case 2 boxes
They usually sell for $4.00/box, but he's selling them for $3.50/box or $40 for an entire case ($3.33/box). He'll deliver anywhere in Bend, or ship if you PayPal him shipping.

If you're interested, contact me, comment here with a valid e-mail address and I'll put you in touch. You can also email cookies@utterlyboring.com and that redirects to his e-mail account.

He needs to liquidate as much as possible as soon as possible, as the deadline to pay this off is coming up fast.

Posted by Jake on 04/27/06 @ 04:03 PM
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