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Being Buried In Snow Tends To Destroy Cell Phones

It's always a joke around here in Sunriver (and Bend, too, but we do be more snow down here) that these large piles of snow that were created by the snow plows in the area are usually here until June. We had a pretty ugly winter down here, and there were some very tall piles of snow (some 10 feet tall, easily). They're just now totally melting off, and one of our maintenance folks were out where there used to be a very tall one, and found this on the ground next to the driveway of one of our homes:

That's the LCD of probably what used to be a decent Samsung SCH-A670 phone (photo taken with my the company's new Canon Rebel XT that I bought for a deal). Needless to say, the thing doesn't function anymore, as it's probably been buried under there all winter long.

What I really need is a water balloon launcher or potato gun or something that I can launch this thing off the roof of my building and see what kind of abuse it can take.

Posted by Jake on 04/25/06 @ 11:23 AM
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