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Did Anybody Else Get The Jim Smolich Motors Spam?

I was looking through an old Yahoo! mail account that I keep around just for kicks and in case I ever need it, and found that I had been spammed by a local car dealership. That link is the Web-based version of the spam, that has a functional video and form, but the e-mail I got was actually just a bunch of large GIF files (as you can't really easily embed videos and forms in email and expect it to work) pulled from this page and this page (just change the 01.gif to 02, 03, etc.. .gif).

I can't honestly remember being outright spammed by a local business before (except for bendnights.com, who tried to spam the COBlogs mailing list, though they do run a good site), has anybody else? Most of the mail I get from local businesses are from folks I've dealt with or I have requested information from before, but I've never been to Jim Smolich in my life (and now probably won't even more because of this kind of crap).

I hate even mentioning them, as it'll get them more publicity, but I'd rather it be known that they spam.

Posted by Jake on 04/12/06 @ 11:32 AM
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