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I don't usually post about my family or my daughters much, but I had to share this.

Remember hearing stories about all weird things you and your friends did when they were little? Or hearing stories from parents about the weird things their kids did? Today was a story I'll be telling for a while.

My two year old (nearly three) swallowed a marble. Now she never puts stuff in her mouth like that, so we've never worried about her doing that kind of thing. But today, she was playing quietly with her six-year-old sister. Then out of nowhere, she runs screaming out of the bedroom, screaming "It's all gone, it's all gone!!!" She wouldn't let anybody near her, so we asked our oldest daughter what happened, and she said she thought that she had swallowed a small little marble.

So the poor thing was scared to death -- she was running around frantic. I don't know if she was scared about doing something really wrong, or scared about what was happening with the marble inside her. My wife tried to comfort her, and every time she got near her (especially near her belly) she screamed. It wasn't a painful scream, it was obviously a scared to death scream (the same kind of scream she exhibits when she hears a loud noise like the vacuum or something equally as loud and obnoxious (when the neighbors were shredding tree branches, that really freaked her out). Finally, with the help of the big sis (who little sis adores more than anybody), we finally got her calmed down and laughing and happy again.

That was, until somebody mentioned the marble, and then we were back to square one again.

Luckily we finally got her calmed down -- again. We made it clear between the three of us to not speak of the marble again.

But you know what I'll have to be digging for in her diapers over the next couple days. Because when something gets lost like this, they always turn up in the end and this too shall pass.

Posted by Jake on 04/11/06 @ 10:38 PM
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