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The Best Yard Furniture Ever

I really need to get a Chia Chair for my backyard.

The Grass armchair is self assembled, each pack contains 14 corrugated cardboard frames and 100g pack of grass seeds. You will need about 240 litres of soil, to fill in the frame. First find the right spot, because once the armchair has grown you won't be able to move it!! You can put up to 20cm of gravel with in the frame then the soil. Spread the seeds evenly using only 4/5 of the bag of seeds. Press them in and water slightly so that the soil is humid. Water the armchair everyday. If it rains cover the armchair until grass has grown, to avoid the chair becoming waterlogged. After 10 days the grass starts to grow. If the grass has not grown evenly use the rest of the seeds to even it out. Once the grass has reached 10cm, cut it to 3cm, and keep it to this height. Now you can sit back and relax!
I doubt the thing would ever survive in Central Oregon (can you imagine what this thing looks like during a winter when all the grass is dead?) but it'd still be stupidly cool to have.

Thanks Cheryl for the link.

Posted by Jake on 04/05/06 @ 03:55 PM
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