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You Know What's Sad?

Over the years, this site has had 8683 published comments. The thing that's sad? The automatically incremented comment ID number in the database for this site is 22887. Which means I've had 14,204 spam, duplicate, or otherwise deleted comments (and I generally pretty much let anything get published, unless it's spam or a duplicate). That means for every 1.6 spam comments, I get a regular comment.

Luckily, MovableType 3.2's spam blocking settings sends the bulk majority of the comments either to the junk folder or sets them to unpublished status, so they're not appearing on my site and they're not sapping server resources on rebuilds, but it's still annoying (and I can't install mod_sec or other things like that, as they've caused some issues in the past and have slowed things down too much).

Update on 4/9: 8780 comments published, 26,630 total, so 17,850 spam (big attack last night -- all dumped into the junk folder, as they were all that Mike Furir spam and I had that stuff blocked a long time ago during the first wave of attacks.

Posted by Jake on 03/30/06 @ 04:06 PM
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