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What A Difference 48 Hours Makes

Two days ago, I was in first place in our pick 'em. Now at the end of round two, I'm tied for seventh, seven points behind the leader (and Josh, you and I are tied). Here's how things stand right now and point totals of all 18 folks:

severe anxiety attack: 46
Chris' For Utterly Boring: 45
homersolo BHSSNL: 41
Hoosier Daddy: 41
LukaPuka: 40
Hoffmann: 40
Crunk Time: 39
Jake's No Strategy Picks: 39
Josh Ausborne's Picks: 39
incontrovertible evidence: 38
Let It Rain: 37
monkeyinabox.net: 37
TTU Golden Eagles: 36
Lazykosse: 35
Jen's Picks: 32
Jo-Anne: 29
Ty's Tops: 25
Shannon: 21

So I'm still within shooting distance, though I did lose some folks today.

As for me, not much blogging tomorrow, as I have one more band concert (today's was great!) plus a full day of work tomorrow since I took today off because of the afternoon concert. That, and I'm nursing a cold, so I'm trying to just do the bare minimum so I can actually play tomorrow.

Posted by Jake on 03/19/06 @ 10:29 PM
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