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Note To Self: Don't Joke About Meth Habit Within Earshot of Rent-a-Cop

I know that's an obvious headline, but anybody who knows me knows I'm a very sarcastic, outspoken person. It's occasionally been known to bite me in the butt.

I generally got to the same grocery store here in Bend because their food is bar far the cheapest. I know the folks there, they all know me. I went there tonight in hopes of getting some Sudafed for my wife, who is having sinus problems related to her allergies. They no longer sell it at the store, because they were told they had to get rid of it in preparation for the pending move to require a prescription for the drug (one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard -- so I have to go pay a $25 co-pay to get a 3-buck drug? No thanks I'll buy it online). So I, obviously jokingly, said to my cashier friend there (when asking about the location of the pills) "How else am I going to cook up my meth and feed my crack habit?" The cashier laughed, but the rent-a cop kept following me around the store -- subtly, but he was certainly keeping an eye on me, like I was just going to go nuts and start killing people because I didn't get my fix.

Yes, meth is certainly a serious problem, and while I know that, I now know better than to joke about my decongestant of choice. I'll just go to Costco and buy the bucketload of it before they get rid of it, too.

Posted by Jake on 02/28/06 @ 10:26 PM
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