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My New Toy Is Sick

My two-week-old toy is sick. It's having trouble POSTing properly, and will randomly just shut down and not turn back on. There's obviously some sort of funky hardware issue with the thing, so I'm sending it back and nipping it in the butt before it becomes a major issue. Just waiting for my RMA before I send the thing off via UPS. I have a feeling that it's probably the RAM, but I don't have a gig (or any, for that matter) of DDR2 SODIMM RAM stick sitting around (they're not the easiest thing to get a hold of and I don't keep them handy).

In the nine Sager notebooks I've personally dealt with, this is the first time I've had this happen. That being said, I was able to very easily open the thing up and get to the RAM, CPU, Hard Drive, MiniPCI cards, Video Card, and everything else so if I have a problem or want to upgrade in the future to new video, RAM, or CPU, it's going to be stupidly easy.

Meanwhile, I'm back on my old laptop (P4 1.6ghz with 4200 RPM hard drive and 512 megs of RAM that's shared with the video card). It'll get the job done, but I certainly do miss my baby.

Posted by Jake on 02/07/06 @ 03:06 PM
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