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Anybody Know Any Plumbers That Owe You A Favor?

I'd like to talk to them.

Our washing machine has been back flowing and spilling water out of it's drain on a fairly regular basis lately, to the point where we just keep a towel down there so we can actually get some laundry done. We tried putting Draino-type chemicals down there with no luck, and when I tried to run a snake down there, I couldn't get very far, just hitting metal. So I thought I was just hitting a really bad angle.

So tonight, I finally got fed up, called my father-in-law (who does a lot of landscaping and irrigation plumbing) over and we tore the wall open so we could get to the pipes. Sure enough, we thought, the trap for the line before the drain was very tight and probably was having a problem with the water flow, so it was getting backed up (and that's also what we were hitting with the snake). We went down to Lowes to get some new pipes, told the old nasty (and nearly 30 pounds worth) of steel pipes that were in there, hooked up some much easier-to-work-with PVC, and before we hooked it up, my father-in-law ran his snake into the sewer drain about 20 feet, hopefully clearing up anything that would be causing the backflow.

So we hooked it all back up, and I sent my father-in-law home as he was exhausted (he was at work early this morning). We ran a load, and water still came out of the drain. Ugh...back to the drawing board.

Plumber I am not, so plumber I will call. Anybody know anybody good and fair priced or related to one that could help a guy out?

Posted by Jake on 02/07/06 @ 11:21 PM
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