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City of Bend Rejects Proposed Wal-Mart

Full story here. I'm kind of in the middle on this one. I will admit that I shop there, as it's cheaper, open later (which came in handy last night as my daughter had a really nasty coughing fit, and we had no medicine). Do I hate what they pay their employees? Yes, but there are lots of companies out there that do the same (and Wal-Mart hires many folks who couldn't get a job elsewhere). Do I hate that they put smaller companies out of business? Yes, but the smaller companies have started to adapt.

But I do agree that before they build that monster of a store on Bend's north end that Wal-Mart should have to foot the bill for some of the improvements up there. I just wonder if anybody would be throwing such a fit and requiring as much of the company if this were anybody but Wal-Mart.

Anyway, I'm not really going to debate people on this (don't have time), but I leave it open to discuss here.

Update: Great discusion here, folks (just remember to keep it civil). And here's some more reaction locally from Simone and Chris.

Posted by Jake on 01/30/06 @ 04:48 PM
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