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It'll Be A While Before I Link To Bend.com

As we all know, the quality of the content on Bend.com has pretty much gone downhill since Barney left. They went from the leading source of breaking news in the area to nothing but a press release dumping service. And while I looked there a great deal in the past for news, I rarely visit them anymore, as what gets posted is rarely news and when it is actually newsworthy, it's a straight press release dump from the source, with no additional editing or reporting. I'd rather get the full story from other local media outlets, thank you.

Not only that, but Spencer Dahl, Bend.com's president/CEO/owner/whatever seems to like to pick fights and instead of using appropriate channels he picks an entry of mine that's nearly two months old and posts a comment about how my pagerank is zero -- like I didn't already frickin' know that (why do I have this feeling that he may have had something to do with it?). You can read our exchange in the comments here, and feel free to add to the conversation if you feel the need to (or just comment here).

Posted by Jake on 01/28/06 @ 09:49 PM
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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! from UtterlyBoring.com on 02/07/06 @ 11:27 PM:
Honey, we're home. We're no longer banned. Thanks a ton, Matt! And by the way, Spencer: Pagerank utterlyboring.com: 6 Pagerank bend.com: 5... (Read More)

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