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Finally Up And Running

OK, so it was more than just the day of being offline, but after getting all my data and information transferred to my new toy, I'm finally up and running and good to go. I still need to install a couple more applications, but for the most part, all my data, applications, documents, etc... are all moved over on to this thing so I can clean up my old laptop and give it back to the company.

This thing is far faster than my previous one, that's for sure. Loading up documents in Photoshop is a ton faster than it was before (and I can actually work in other programs while working in Photoshop). I'm still not quite use to the high resolution on this small of a screen (1920x1200 on a 15.4" wide-screen makes for small icons), but it is really nice having that much real estate in my various desktop publishing and development programs. And being able to have a few programs open at once and be able to see all those windows is very nice.

Now I've gotta catch up on all the email I missed the last 24 hours, finish up installing the few things I just realized I'm still missing (Homesite, a few typefaces, Quickbooks, Metapad, and Pagemaker, for some of my older designs that Indesign just can't open properly).

Posted by Jake on 01/26/06 @ 01:36 PM
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