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Obligatory Post-Christmas Post

I'm stupidly busy at the office today dealing with getting all our homes ready for the onslaught of folks we have coming in this afternoon. Meanwhile, here's a list of some of the things I received for Christmas (and you're welcome to post what you got in the comments below). I'm putting this in an extended entry for those who really don't give a rip what the family and I got or how I spent my weekend.

Obviously, my kids all got spoiled rotten by the grandparents. Lots of toys, books, dolls, games, etc... . My nearly-six-year-old daughter got a hand-me-down American Girl doll from my college-aged sister, and she just adores it -- so much that she was up until about 11PM playing with it. We didn't know until we went to bed and heard her in there talking to it, and then we promptly told her to go to bed.

The wife and I got a pile of gifts as well (none of it which we deserved, but are eternally grateful for). We got a $200 Gift Certificate for Best Buy from a good friend of our family (who also happens to be the executive producer for a major CBS Soap Opera which will remain nameless -- he bought a pile of them for everybody in his and our family). We'll be putting that into a good 5.8ghz phone system as our 2.4ghz cordless keeps interfering with my wireless setup.

We also got a really nice 14-piece Kirkland Signature (that's the Costco-brand) cookware set that was rated really well by Consumer Reports (their best buy, apparently). We also got several DVDs, including the first season of Six Feet Under, a show I've never seen but heard great things about, and a copy of The Life Of Brian (which has a great wikipedia entry, by the way). My parents also said they would pay for the exterior paint and help us get our house painted next spring (it desperately needs it -- the previous owner of this house got the cheapest paint they could find, that's for sure). We also got several other smaller, but equally nice gifts like some hand-crank emergency LED flashlights (one for my wife and I), some gift certificates for Target, Carino's, and Blockbuster, a Hunter S. Thompson book as well as some good bathroom reading. I got some much-needed clothes and a couple small checks from family members (which will go straight to bills).

There were a few other things I'm undoubtedly forgetting, as I'm not at home, but I'm grateful for all of it, just the same (as are my kids, who were spoiled beyond belief but had a great time).

But while all these gifts were nice and all, and I'm very happy to have them, it was the time I spent with my family and friends over the last few days that was the most valuable and well spent. My brother from out of state was in town, so I spent a bunch of time with him and his girlfriend. We also had a nice dinner with the aforementioned producer and his family at their Sunriver home. And I also found out that one of my best friends in the whole world is now engaged as of this weekend, and I couldn't be happier for her. Congrats to her and her future hubby! It was a good weekend all around.

Here's hoping everybody had a Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrated the last week) and that you have a happy and safe new year.

Posted by Jake on 12/26/05 @ 01:06 PM
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