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The AOL Idiots Keep Coming

I've mentioned before that this site got a New York Times mention because of the idiots AOLers who keep commenting on this site. So far, that entry has gotten 177 comments, mostly from folks thinking I can cancel their AOL account (as much as I'd like to).

Occasionally I get little one-line comments through my e-mail form on the right side of this page to the affect of "cancel my aol acct, plz" or something similar. But I had one today that just floored me (parts of it removed for obvious reasons):

please cancel my aol account username [removed]
pasword [removed]
Just for giggles, I logged it using the user/pass the guy sent me into AOL Mail, and sure enough, the user/pass works and the guy has 213 unread messages, and apparently this guy sent this message to some body else, as he has a message in his inbox from AOL saying that "You recently changed the Parental Controls setting for one of the Screen Names on your account to give it Master Screen Name capabilities." meaning that somebody is going to have some fun with the account.

I logged the hell out as soon as I saw that, but I'm just totally floored how stupid some people can be.

Posted by Jake on 11/28/05 @ 11:22 AM
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