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That's One Killer Christmas Light Display

Be sure to have your sound turned up for full effect. I'm sure his neighbors love it.

Give the video time to load as it might be pulling from a mirrored copy.

Thanks Greg for the video (which you can download here as the original link he sent me is down).

Update on 12/1: Welcome Spiegel Online Readers (along with all the other folks linking here)! My German is very rusty (my one day of class in high school didn't really teach me much), but welcome just the same! You've totally shot my bandwidth through the roof here, hitting 500 connections per second, so I've had to move the video to another server.

Update on 12/14: Looks like this thing's getting passed around. Welcome to all my new readers! Feel free to subscribe to my mailing list while you're here. And also, be sure to check out this guy's other X-mas light display (which I'm linking to a remote site for, but if it goes down, let me know and I'll post it here).

Another update on 12/14: Ok, apparently the server that's hosting this video (my old Web server) is getting shut down on 12/22. So I will need mirrors for this video file within the next few days. If you download that video and host it on your server, you will get credit here, and I'll program the above video display to randomly choose a mirror so it will spread the load a bit (the video's gotten 17,000 hits today -- at 6 megs per hit, that adds up really quick).

Update on 12/15: I have some mirrors setup around the globe that should help out all you German visitors (still will take more), and the above video is pulling from random sources (including this server, which will still be taking the brunt of the requests). So if the video doesn't load, just refresh the page. Thanks to Henning, Chris, and Andreas for helping share the load a bit.

Update on 12/19: The old server is now gone (a few days ahead of schedule) so I'm back to hosting it here with the mirrors mentioned above. I'm still looking for other mirrors to spread the load a bit.

Update on 10/22/06: A couple of the above mirrors have gone down, so I'm primarily hosting this (still sharing the load with one other mirror). Reload the page, and it should load the video, as I've removed those mirrors from my list (if you have solid web space that you'd like to host this video on, download it above and let me know).

Upated on 11/29/06: I've just used a YouTube version above as the holidays approach as I don't want to blow up my server again. If somebody can provide reliable hosting for this video (or a bunch of mirrors to spread the load) in return for link credit, I'll happily include the better quality one above instead (as the YouTube version isn't that great).

Update on 12/3/06: Thanks to some generous folks, I'm now spreading the load of this video over a few different servers. I'm taking more than most on this server, but thanks to Dan, Henning and Peter for sharing the load with me. If anybody else can mirror, please comment here.
Posted by Jake on 11/22/05 @ 10:29 AM
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