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Well that was a frickin' mess.

If you haven't noticed, this site has been inaccessible for the last several hours (about 10 or so). I've been racking my brain trying to figure it out, knowing it was a DNS issue on the server (as I could get on via IP, but not domain), but I could NOT for the life of me figure out what it was. I e-mailed my partner-in-crime who is the billing contact on this server, but couldn't get ahold of her. And since my laptop is still in the shop, I didn't have a local copy of her phone number (it's all in Sunriver) or account information so I could contact our host myself. So I e-mailed around, posted on some support forums, and e-mailed our host's support desk, got a response, and apparently a cPanel upgrade yesterday bulldozed the named.conf file. A few simple commands and we were good to go. Too bad I didn't find that forum post about 8 hours ago.

So if anybody has any e-mail they've been trying to send me, please re-send it as it might not have gotten through.

Posted by Jake on 11/20/05 @ 11:12 PM
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