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When It Rains, It Pours

Just a few of the things that happened yesterday that kept me from blogging...

  • I managed to piss off not one, but two firewalls. The first one was here in my office. I somehow managed to blacklist this Web server's IP address, keeping me (and everybody in this office) from accessing the server. Considering my work Web page is on this server, that was really frustrating for most of the people here. I found out it was because I was uploading a crapload of data via FTP using multiple connections in FileZilla with passive mode, so the firewall looked at it as an attack. I've since adjusted those rules and whitelisted this server's IP on my internal firewall. The second firewall I managed to make mad was actually the firewall on the server hosting this site. How I managed to do that, I don't have any idea (I'm still looking into that), but I've since white-listed my dedicated IP here at the office so I won't have that problem again.
  • The wind storm that beat up Bend the last couple days finally took a toll on our household. We have a gazebo (sort of looks like this one, but a bit of a different design and ours has a bug net all around it) that we got dirt-cheap because it was a display model. Last week had a cement patio poured in our yard, and moved the gazebo onto it (and off our lawn where it had been anchored a bit). We had fully intended on anchoring the thing to our patio, we just hadn't had a chance to do so yet. The windstorm that toppled trees all over Bend picked up our gazebo, flipped it over, and broke the joints on the legs in three spots. I realized looking at the metal that it wasn't the strongest stuff in the world, but the way the wind blew it into our shed and cornered it, it just made it worse. If we would've anchored it, we would've been fine, but with my wedding anniversary and Halloween and everything going on the last week, it was just a bit too chaotic. Hindsight is 20/20, after all...
  • My laptop is official knockered. I have to send it in for a repair which thankfully is still under its extended warranty. But I'll be short a laptop for a couple weeks, so blogging will be a bit lighter than usual.
  • Our kitchen sink decided to crap itself. I looked under the sink to find a ton of water not only under the drain pipe, but under the incoming water lines as well. Our faucet is toast, and will need to be replaced. Yipee ... more money to spend, now that I have to get new brakes for my car.
  • There are also some issues going on at the office that I won't discuss here for a variety of reasons, but let's just say that when I'm the most experienced office person that works here full time, and I'm not even a front desk employee, then we have some issues.
  • Forgot one...My mailing list software had been sending out duplicate e-mails, and I couldn't figure out why, getting me all sorts of angry e-mails. I finally found out that the problem was related to last week's server move and despite shutting off the old servers mailing list software schedule, it was still sending them out. I've since just bulldozed the install on the old server, so that should fix the problem.
OK, done ranting.
Posted by Jake on 11/02/05 @ 09:27 AM
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