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My Thoughts on the DeWolf News

If you haven't heard already, Tom DeWolf resigned from the Deschutes County commissioner's office. You can read the Bulletin stories, while they last before you have to buck up and pay, here and here with Bend.com's "story" (basically just the Lane County Press release) here. Local bloggers have been talking about it with Jon and Chris posting a few good comments and thoughts.

My thoughts? Tom and I go a long way back. Heck, he might even read this site. I've known him and his family for many years, talked to them a lot when they owned a local video store, was good friends with two of his daughters growing up, one of them actually being the best "man" at my wedding (she was like a sister to me and always has been -- it was only appropriate considering all we had gone through together).

Tom's a good guy. I haven't talked to him since these allegations came about, nor have I really read through them in fine detail, but knowing him, it was probably something he did when he just had a few too many to drink (and I know many of you reading this have done things they've regretted when they've had a few too many). Unfortunately, he's in a public position, so his screw-ups are going to be put under a microscope, even if all parties involved appeared to be OK with things after the incidents happen. It's unfortunate, really, as I'm not really fond of the actions of some of the other commissioners, and always thought that, for the most part, Tom was the most level-headed of the bunch (now understand, I don't follow politics extremely well, so this is obviously a slightly biased opinion).

While he hasn't really went public beyond a simple released statement, he's probably sorry as heck, if not to the community but to his family for putting them through this. It's probably hasn't been fun for them, either.

Should he have resigned? Yes. Are we better off because he did? I'm not sure yet -- we'll just have to see.

Like I said before, I am slightly biased, so I'm going to leave my comments at that, and leave the forum below for people to discuss.

Posted by Jake on 10/26/05 @ 04:25 PM
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