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A Little Treat For Those Obnoxious Teenage Trick Or Treaters

Many of you may remember how I spent last Halloween. Long story short, I gave an obnoxious, too-old-to-be-trick-or-treating teenager a can of canned veggies instead of candy because he was far too old to be tricking or treating. While I haven't quite made plans for this Halloween quite yet (other than some entertaining of my kids as well as my nieces and nephew), I am ready for those morons again if we decide to distribute candy this year (we haven't quite decided yet).

I have some old cans of veggies and other random items from the pantry (like some pickled asparagus -- why I have that, I have no idea) that I have collected and will be sticking these labels on them. That link links to a PDF file I created in about five minutes during my lunch break so edits/changes are appreciated (comment here). The sheet is formated to print on Avery Template 5160 (the 1" x 2.625" 30 labels to a sheet mailing label -- can be bought very cheap as a generic at OfficeMax). So print them up, stick 'em on, and enjoy (and if anybody has a different design idea and wants to throw one together, e-mail it my direction and I'll post it here).

Update: Thanks to Barn, I fixed a typo.

Posted by Jake on 10/26/05 @ 01:06 PM
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