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DNS Troubles

I'm having some issues right now with my server that's hosting this site (and many others). It's affecting domain resolution on the machine. I've posted a support query over here (also copied in the extended entry for this entry in case people don't want to register) that's much too geeky for much of this site's audience. But if you're getting bounces when using my e-mail form on the left, this is probably causing it.

If I don't get an answer soon, I'm probably going to have to reboot my server, which I never like to do as a server should never have to be fully rebooted (usually services can be restarted to fix most problems).

Update on 10/7: It actually ended up being a host problem. They changed some things on their routers and/or firewalls that required more declarations in our resolv.conf file. So after lecturing the host about notifying me about those minor little changes, things are up and running again. I'm changing the post time on this post so it goes below my videos post on the front page until I can get up more entries.

Message Posted:
IP Resolving, Domains Aren't
OK, unfortunately, I'm not a whiz at DNS stuff, so I don't know where to look. But here's the deal: Any request from my server that goes to a DOMAIN doesn't resolve (wget, smtp, curl, php includes, cron jobs, whatever). But if I change it to request the IP address, things work fine. Obviously, that's not ideal, and this just started happening today.

Based on a couple other threads, I looked into the /etc/resolv.conf file, and pinged everything:

search 63.21.72.reverse.layeredtech.com

I could not, however, get a ping reply on "63.21.72.reverse.layeredtech.com". Don't know if that matters.

But when I try to wget a site, I get this error:

root@harborside [/etc]# wget sunrayinc.com

--23:15:33-- http://sunrayinc.com/ => `index.html'
Resolving sunrayinc.com... failed: Host not found.

And that domain's on the same server, even.

Naturally, the person who's actually the billing contact on this server isn't available to submit a ticket with layeredtech (I basically handle the server when she's not available), so does anybody have any ideas what's going on? Her clients are harrassing me, so I'd like to get them off my back ;-)

I did restart bind via WHM, and that didn't help things. I also restarted the "Named" service with no luck.

Posted by Jake on 10/06/05 @ 08:23 AM
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