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UtterlyBoring.com Gets New York Times Mention thanks to AOL Idiots

Morons who subscribe to AOL have made this site (sort of) famous. Over two years ago I posted a simple, quick little link about how a guy canceled his AOL account in 3 minutes. Nothing really exciting about the link, really, but for some reason the entry got listed well on Google (as well as this search), so people are coming to the page, thinking that by posting a comment on my site, I can somehow cancel their AOL account (even to the point where some idiots were posting usernames, password, credit card numbers, etc...). In a later entry about cancelling AOL, I'm also getting some odd-ball comments.

So far, I've left the comments on the entry open, and while a few commenters have found it hilarious, most of the 150+ comments are from AOLers wanting to cancel their AOL account. I'm almost considering starting a service where I'll cancel their AOL service for a small fee (So for $50, I'll just call AOL and deal with 'em for you).

That entry, obviously, has been mentioned on a couple blogs, and now comments from it have shown up in a New York Times article (mirrored on the IHT site).

And to think the only reason I found that article was because I was looking for the source for this forward sent to me by Barney:

As reported last week in the NYTimes:

Guy tried for better part of a week to cancel AOL. He talked to six or seven different people on six different days. Each time he was thwarted by what is apparently an AOL plot that make it next-to-impossible to cancel the service, as the representatives pretend to be concerned about you and your reasons for cancellation and give you soothing chat and reasons to continue AOL service.

Finally, weary of the runaround, he went into a "chat room" and started threatening to kill people in the room.

His AOL account was cancelled in under three minutes.

I'll be sure to update the original AOL post with a link to this entry, in case somebody there actually reads the entry copy before commenting.

Posted by Jake on 09/13/05 @ 04:35 PM
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