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New Orleans Is A Mess

Needless to say, the newspaper there isn't printing today (despite a mention on their site yesterday that they were going to try to use a printing press in Baton Rouge). But they have produced and distributed the entire paper online in PDF format. You can also view Newspaper front pages from around the world at Newseum.

It's certainly a mess in New Orleans right now. And to think that if I still worked for my previous company, I'd probably be in New Orleans in October, though there's a small chance the convention might not be held, as it was scheduled to be held at the Hyatt in New Orleans which was pummeled by the storm.

While it's sad that there was all this destruction in that are, and I wouldn't wish it on anybody, it's hard for me to feel sorry for the idiots who, despite plenty of warning, stayed around to watch the storm out. I watched plenty of footage on CNN of folks stranded up on rooftops, having to be rescued by Coast Guard helicopters. But I have ask: Why the hell are you still there? You knew this was coming, you had plenty of warning, so unless you're part of the clean-up or rescue efforts or some other important official (some media is important, as are some government officials), you should've gotten the hell out of town a long time ago. This thing was a Category 5 storm as it moved across the Gulf -- I would've left town a long time ago.

I also wonder about the idiot who drove his car into a road-turned-lake while a news reporter was on camera. He had to drop his microphone and run into the water to rescue the moron, pulling him through his car window. That clip got played a hundred times on CNN last night and wondered about the sanity of both the reporter for being out in that storm and the nit-wit who drove his sedan into the flood.

As usual, Wikipedia has a ton of links and information regarding the storm, its effects both physically and economically, and a bit of science about the storm as well. For journalists (and even the general public), Al has a bunch of tips and useful links.

Posted by Jake on 08/30/05 @ 10:03 AM
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