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School Starts In Two Weeks

And I don't even know where my daughter's going to school.

As I briefly mentioned last week, I'm trying to get my daughter transferred into the Ensworth Elementary school district. We're technically closer to the school (note that Google maps doesn't have complete road data for that area, so it's off a slight tad -- here's Ensworth's address) that we are to Juniper, which is what district we've been assigned (we're about a block away from the Ensworth district). After calling and calling and sending e-mails back and forth, I finally got to talk to the Ensworth principal today (really nice guy), and he still couldn't tell me anything other than "the numbers are still coming in" and "we're at the top of the list if we let anybody in" (as we got our application in long before anybody else did) and that there's about a "50/50 chance."

I would think that two weeks before school starts that they'd have more of an idea as to what's going on. Our daughter is already convinced she's going to the new school, so she'll be terribly disappointed if she's not going there and will have to go to Juniper or get home schooled (which my wife isn't ready for, but said she'll do it if she has to go to Juniper).

So right now, I have no idea where she's going to school, she's not registered anywhere because I've been told to wait until I get confirmation before registering (though now they're telling me otherwise). This isn't like I'm trying to move to a district across town like some folks are -- I'm trying to move our daughter to a school that's closer to where I live. Ugh....you wouldn't think it would be this difficult, would you? Being hung up in the air like this is stressful -- which the principal acknowledged, too -- but I don't have much of a choice.


Posted by Jake on 08/23/05 @ 02:36 PM
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